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My Penguin Story, our new blog, gives you an opportunity to explore particular themes from our leveled readers through posts by our Penguin enthusiast. Personal reflections and commentary focus on a variety of thought-provoking topics, which is then expanded through featured readers and links to outside resources.  Discover more ways to love reading – and open up a world of learning.

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Do you have a story about how Penguin Readers have made a difference in your student’s lives?  How have you used leveled readers to improve language skills and reader fluency? We’d like to hear from you! Your submission may be posted on our website.  With every posted submission, we will send you a new Penguin Reader to share.

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Susan Thompson
  • Position: Librarian/Media Specialist
  • Program: Intensive English Language

My name is Susan Thompson. I have been the librarian for a Japanese university branch campus, located in Spokane, WA for the past 17 years. Mukogawa Ft. Wright Institute is an Intensive English Language program. Throughout the year an average of over 450+ students come through the program to improve their English skills.
One of the best and most popular items in this library has become the Penguin Readers. My circulation has increased, and reading has become fun for the students. By the end of the term, many students have read between 6-10 books.

My students love to be able to read popular titles such as "Billy Elliot", "Apollo 13", "Phantom of the Opera" and many others. They feel as though they are reading REAL books, not textbooks. DVDs are always available for the students which follow the stories, such as "Cinderella Man," "Saving Private Ryan", "Emma," and "Pirates of the Caribbean."

I appreciate the Penguin readers because of the number of titles and subjects available to the students, as well as the level of the books. The reading abilities increase two to three levels through the Penguin readers.

I have given TESOL presentations about selecting materials for ESL libraries, whether it's just a shelf or a whole library. I emphasize the necessity of Penguin readers to be included in any collection, because I know they will be well-used and appreciated.

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